Your Child’s Medical Home

What You Need To Know

What Is a Family-Centered Medical Home?

A medical home is a trusted partnership between you, your child, and your primary pediatric healthcare team. In a medical home, your doctor and their staff will see your child for routine check-ups and acute illnesses. We consider you an important part of the healthcare team, which means that you will also participate in your child’s healthcare. As your medical home, we will also help you find needed information and resources, including information about pediatric specialists, health conditions, latest treatments, support services for your family and other community resources. From your baby’s first checkup, through adolescence, Children’s Health of Ocala offers the highest quality comprehensive medical services for your child’s healthy childhood.

Your medical home can:

Help you manage your child’s healthcare

Answer your health questions

Listen to your concerns

Work with other medical experts when necessary

Coordinate your care through additional services


Access and Availability

Your family is the focus of our medical home. Please inform us of any special communication or access needs that you or your children may have. Our office will do its best to accommodate your needs.

If your child sees a specialist, please request that a report is sent to our office so that we are aware of all aspects of your child’s healthcare. If we refer you to a specialist, please allow us to provide key information (often through portal access) so that the specialist may provide the best care possible. Let us know if you are unable to get an appointment within a reasonable amount of time.

For Example

  • Our office is physically and geographically accessible, practice hours are accessible, and the clinic accepts all insurance types.
  • We provide compassionate care that focuses on the wellbeing of your child and family.
  • With our comprehensive care, all of the healthcare needs of your child are met including wellness and acute care.
  • Our continuous care begins before your child’s first checkup and lasts through young adulthood.
  • Our office provides coordinated care, which can be organized among multiple providers and community services, including specialist visits.
  • Our family-centered care is centered on the goals, needs, and preferences of the child and their caregivers.
  • - proudmomofbug
    My oldest has been a patient here for 15 years, and I have an infant that is now a patient as well. Overall, the service is fantastic. Usually the wait isn't long, less than 30 minutes. Occasionally it can be an hour, sometimes a little more, during peak appointment times (Mon & Fri, appts after 3 pm), but generally they are quick to see patients.
    - proudmomofbug
  • - Crystal Tanner
    I have been taking my son to Children's Health since he was born. They have provided nothing but excellent care and service since the beginning. They provide separate rooms for children who are sick and those who are just coming in for there scheduled visits (especially important when one has a newborn) I just want to say thank you to all staff for being so caring!
    - Crystal Tanner
  • - Liz Rivera
    Great Doctors! Friendly staff. Never given any problems when requesting records, referrals or prescriptions.
    - Liz Rivera

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